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Workshop/Manufacturing Practices

Author(s): B.L Juneja

ISBN: 9789386668370

Edition: 1st

© Year : 2019

Rs. 320

Binding: eBook

Imprint : CL India

Pages: 420

The recent revision of syllabus of Workshop/Manufacturing Practices by AICTE aims to achieve that along with the practice exercises a student should also acquire a broader idea about the manufacturing and the newer technologies, particularly NC, CNC, and other advanced manufacturing processes that have been developed. This text covers the new syllabus of AICTE. Besides, it also attempts to include the topics that a student would need to learn for better understanding and comprehension of newer methods of manufacturing, a better knowledge of materials of manufacturing, and measurement technologies.

Workshop practices course is for first year students of B.Tech./B.E. in various engineering streams, such as mechanical, electrical, textile and mining and for students pursuing diploma and certificate courses in polytechnic institutes throughout India. In the absence of a textbook or reference book, students do not get a wider perspective of manufacturing and the processes they are going to learn and the whole process of training turns out to be a half-baked approach. Realising this need, this text is intended such that students benefit from the training process as well as attain knowledge to the ‘why and how’ of a particular process for making a product. 

  • Satisfies syllabus requirements of most of the colleges and universities and follows the AICTE syllabus.
  • Simple, practical and student-friendly approach to ensure that every student can derive maximum possible knowledge of the theory and practice.
  • Provides a broad view of the present state of development of manufacturing and automation technologies.
  • Emphasises on understanding the basic properties of metals, alloys, plastics and other materials used in manufacturing.
  • Adequately covers methods of measurements and tools in practice, including tips on practical application of the tools and instruments.
  • Practice processes are illustrated with suitable and detailed figures and step-by-step procedures to supplement a student’s understanding and practice. 
  • Practical exercises are suggested at the end of each chapter to help the instructor to plan the training schedule.
  • Includes a chapter on IT workshop.

Chapter 1 Overview of Manufacturing

Chapter 2 Casting Processes

Chapter 3 Joining Processes

Chapter 4 Metal Forming Processes

Chapter 5 Machining Processes

Chapter 6 Nc/Cnc Machining and Advanced Machining Processes

Chapter 7 Fitting and Power Tools

Chapter 8 Electrical and Electronics

Chapter 9 Wood Working Processes and Carpentry

Chapter 10 Manufacturing with Plastics, Ceramics and Glasses

Chapter 11 Smithy

Chapter 12 Sand Casting, Moulding Sand Preparation and Testing

Chapter 13 Gas Welding and Cutting Processes

Chapter 14 Arc Welding Processes

Chapter 15 Sheet Metal Forming

Appendix A: Engineering Materials, Their Structure and Properties

Appendix B: Ferrous Alloys

Appendix C: Non-Ferrous Alloys and Non-Metallic Materials

Appendix D: Heat Treatment Processes

B.L. Juneja

B.L. Juneja, formerly Professor at IIT Delhi, holds a vast academic experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has published numerous technical papers in various reputed national and international journals and has several popular book titles to his credit.