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Programming for Problem Solving (As per AICTE Model Curriculum 2018)

Author(s): B.L Juneja | Anita Seth

ISBN: 9789386668363

Edition: 1st

© Year : 2019

Rs. 360

Binding: eBook

Imprint : CL India

Pages: 544

This textbook is specially designed for undergraduate students of engineering in all major technological universities in India. This book has been carefully prepared to equip students as well as programmers with a comprehensive knowledge of programming so that they can develop programs on their own for various real-life problem-solving applications. Every chapter incorporates useful pedagogical features such as chapter outline, solved examples, tables and illustrations, and chapter-end exercises including review questions, programming questions, and multiple-choice questions. Detailed discussions on several important topics pertaining to problem solving have been included. Each topic has been supplemented with an illustrative program to aid in faster and effective understanding by the students. 

  • Simple and student-friendly approach to ensure that every student can derive maximum possible knowledge from the book.
  • Each topic is illustrated using a program to demonstrate the application of each programming concept. The book contains ample live programs.
  • Each chapter has a large number of figures, tables, and solved examples that supplement the topics discussed.
  • A list of common programming applications to problem-solving has been provided.
  • Exercises comprising of review questions, programming exercises, and multiple-choice questions are provided at the end of each chapter to test the understanding of the concepts.

Chapter 1 Computer System, Programming Paradigms and C

Chapter 2 Structure of a Program in C

Chapter 3 Arithmetic Expressions, and Operators in C

Chapter 4 Standard Input and Output

Chapter 5 Selection Statements

Chapter 6 Iteration and Preprocessor Directives

Chapter 7 Arrays

Chapter 8 Strings

Chapter 9 General Application Programming in C

Chapter 10 Functions

Chapter 11 Recursion

Chapter 12 Structures and Unions

Chapter 13 Pointers

Chapter 14 Dynamic Memory Management and Linked Lists

Chapter 15 Working with Files

Chapter 16 Advanced Programming Applications

Appendix A1 ASCII Character Code Set

Appendix A2 UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32 Character Specifications

Appendix B Keywords in C Language

Appendix C1 Operators in C

Appendix C2 Number Systems Used in Computer Programs

Appendix D Header Files in C

Appendix E Commonly Used Functions in C

B.L. Juneja

B.L. Juneja, formerly Professor at IIT Delhi, holds a vast academic experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has published numerous technical papers in various reputed national and international journals and has several popular book titles to his credit.


Anita Seth

Anita Seth, a Ph.D. in mobile communication from IIT Delhi, is a faculty at the Institute of Engineering and Technology at DAVV University, Indore. She has also worked in the industry as an executive engineer in telecommunications in technical design and planning. Dr. Seth has worked on the design and development of automation system concepts for various projects. She has published and reviewed several research papers for reputed national and international journals and has co-authored a book, Programming with C++. Her current research interests are information systems and mobile and wireless communication.