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Concept Building Approach to Cybercrimes and Cyber Laws : Indian and International Perspective

Author(s): Om Prakash Gusai

ISBN: 9789386668318

Edition: 1st

© Year : 2019


Binding: Paperback

Pages: 212

Trim Size : 241 x 155 mm

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Today’s information/digital era is a highly networked world where the expansion of digital technologies and the convergence of computing and communication devices have transformed the ways in which people socialize and do business. This has lead to massive increase in cybercrimes that has become a formidable in the new millennium as cyber criminals have developed more advanced ways to exploit people and businesses in the cyber space.

This book is designed to cater needs of students, who are interested in reading about cybercrimes and cyber laws. It provides a comprehensive and accessible summary of the history, developments and efforts to tackle cybercrimes in various forms at all levels of government - international, national, state and local.

Cengage texts for undergraduate commerce (CBCS) curriculum adopt Concept-based instruction and is driven by “original and critical thinking, and creative problem-solving skills” among students. This book also carefully integrates the examination requirements of the students.

  • Explores the scope of cybercrime offences ranging from child pornography conduct to economic espionage.
  • Identifies the various kinds of cyber criminals and techniques to commit cybercrimes.
  • Explores data privacy and data security.
  • Examines cyber terrorism and cyber warfare.
  • Studies methods for investigating cybercrimes.
  • Provides actual case studies and court decisions.
  • Discusses the enforcement of cybercrime laws – nationally and internationally.
  • Evaluates the domestic and international efforts to combat cybercrimes, and suggestions for improvement of cyber laws nationally.
  • Cengage App Includes:
    • Information Technology Act, 2000
    • Information Technology (Amendments), 2008
    • Indian Evidence Act, 1872
    • Computer Misuse Act
    • Indian Telegraph Act, 1885

Unit ONE

Chapter 1 Introduction and History of Cybercrime

Chapter 2 Cybercrimes Meaning, Classification and Kinds

Unit TWO

Chapter 3 Introduction to Internet

Chapter 4 Introduction to IT Act: Scope and Application


Chapter 5 An Overview of Cyberlaw in India

Chapter 6 International Perspective


Chapter 7 Cyber Privacy, Cyber Security & Information Technology Act, 2000

Chapter 8 Cyber-Terrorism


Chapter 9 Regulatory Authorities

Chapter 10 Judicial Interpretation on Cybercrimes in India

Unit SIX

Chapter 11 Need of Improvement in Indian Cyber Law

Appendix: University Question Papers


Om Prakash Gusai, Delhi University

Dr Om Prakash Gusai is a senior faculty and former Head, Department of Commerce, Motilal Nehru College, University of Delhi. He has over 14 years of teaching and research experience and has published several articles in various journals. Dr. Gusai has successfully completed various research projects funded by UGC and other reputed Institutions.  His innovative project’s (a major research project funded by DU) research findings have been published by Delhi University in its Monograph.  He teaches cybercrimes & laws, corporate laws & Corporate Governance, marketing management, and business entrepreneurship & management.