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GATE in 75 Days : Electronics and Communication Engineering

Author(s): Ashish Dixit

ISBN: 9789387994317

Edition: 1st

© Year : 2018

Rs. 425

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 542

Trim Size : 279 x 216 mm

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Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is apparently the toughest examination for engineering students. Every passing year the competition becomes more and more cut-throat with the growing number of candidates. It is no surprise that every aspiring engineering student wants to crack this examination as it provides boundless opportunities for postgraduation courses at IISc and IITs, as well as for much sought-after job prospects in various PSUs and the government sector.


This first edition of 'GATE in 75 Days—Electronics and Communication Engineering’ is written in accordance with the latest pattern and syllabus of GATE examination. The entire curriculum is demarcated into a 75-day segregation such that the student can complete it all in an easy, step-by-step

manner in just 75 days. Arranging the content day-wise enables the student to cover the syllabus in a planned and timely manner. Prepared by authors who are well-qualified, proficient, and reputed in their respective subject areas, this book strives to make every chapter distinct yet equally effective. This book is prepared exclusively for the aspirants of GATE, IES, and all other 'Electronics Engineering' competitive examinations.


With adequate content to hone theoretical skills as well as ample solved problems for practice, the aspirants will be able to achieve success in the upcoming GATE examination.

  • Prepares the students for GATE examination in just 75 days
  • Simple, easy-to-follow, yet effective compilation
  • Emphasizes on the application of each theoretical concept through numerical problems
  • Solutions to all the problems are provided for a better understanding of the concepts
  • Includes previous years' GATE question papers
  • This book includes a license key for our digital learning app, CENGAGE app, that provides access to solved papers.

Day 1 Basic Fundamentals, Star–Delta Transformations, Nodal and Mesh Analysis

Day 2 Network Theorems

Day 3 Steady State Sinusoidal Analysis Using Phasors

Day 4 Time Domain Analysis of Simple Linear Circuits and Switching Fundamentals

Day 5 Switching Problems

Day 6 Thevenin, Norton’s Reciprocity and Maximum Power Transfer Theorem

Day 7 Solution of Network Equations Using Laplace Transforms

Day 8 Linear Two-Port Network Parameters

Day 9 Linear Two-Port Network Parameters-Driving Point and Transfer Functions

Day 10 Graph Theory and State Equations for Networks

Day 11 Continuous-Time Signals and Systems

Day 12 Fourier Series Representations

Day 13 Fourier Transform Representations

Day 14 DFT, FFT, Z-Transform, Interpolation of Discrete-Time Signals

Day 15 LTI Systems

Day 16 Impulse Response, Convolution, Poles and Zeros, Parallel and Cascade Structure

Day 17 Sampling Theorem and Applications

Day 18 Energy Bands in Intrinsic and Extrinsic Silicon and Carrier Transport Phenomena

Day 19 Generation and Recombination of Carriers: Poisson and Continuity Equations

Day 20 P-N Junction Diode Characteristics and Applications

Day 21 Zener Diode Characteristics and Applications

Day 22 BJT: Construction, Characteristics

Day 23 BJT: Applications and Bias Stability

Day 24 FET: Construction, Characteristics and Applications

Day 25 MOSFET: Construction, Characteristics and Applications

Day 26 LED, Photodiode and Solar Cell

Day 27 Integrated Circuit Fabrication Process

Day 28 Small Signal Equivalent Circuits of Diodes and Simple Circuits

Day 29 Rectifiers

Day 30 Small Signal Equivalent Circuits of BJTs and Single-stage BJT Amplifiers

Day 31 Small Signal Equivalent Circuits of MOSFETs and Single-stage MOSFET Amplifiers

Day 32 Mid-frequency Small Signal Analysis

Day 33 Feedback Amplifiers

Day 34 Power (Large Signal) Amplifier

Day 35 Active Filters

Day 36 Introduction to Op-amp

Day 37 555 Timers, Power Supplies, Ripple Removal and Regulation

Day 38 Introduction to Digital Circuits, Boolean Algebra, Number Systems and Logic Gates

Day 39 Combinational Circuits

Day 40 Various Logic Gates Implementations Using Static CMOs, Various Code Converters

Day 41 Decoders, Multiplexers and PLAs

Day 42 Sequential Circuits Latches and Flip-Flops

Day 43 Various Counters and Their Applications

Day 44 Registers and Finite State Machines

Day 45 Data Converters: Sample and Hold Circuits, AC and DAC and Semiconductor

Day 46 8055-Microprocessor: Architecture, Programming and Interfacing

Day 47 Control System [Basic Fundamental]

Day 48 Modelling of Control Systems

Day 49 Block Diagram (BD) and Signal Flow Graph (SFG)

Day 50 Time Response Analysis

Day 51 Stable Systems

Day 52 Root Locus

Day 53 Frequency Response Analysis

Day 54 Polar Plots

Day 55 Compensators and Controller

Day 56 State Variable Approach

Day 57-58 Communication Random Process

Day 59 Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation and Spectra of AM

Day 60 Angle Modulation and Demodulation and Spectra of FM

Day 61–62 Superheterodyne Receivers, Circuits for Analog Communications

Day 63 Digital Communications: PCM: DPCM

Day 64-65 Digital Modulation Schemes

Day 66 Sampling and Matched Filter Receiver

Day 67 Electrostatics; Maxwell's Equations: Differential and Integral Forms and Their Interpretation

Day 68 Boundary Conditions, Wave Equation

Day 69–70 Reflection and Refraction

Day 71-72 Transmission Lines

Day 73–74 Waveguides

Day 75 Antennas


Ashish Dixit

Ashish Dixit is Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering at Amity University, Lucknow. He is also involved in designing of Electronic Systems and is project guide to the engineering students. He is M.Tech. in VLSI Design from C-DAC, Mohali, and is, currently, pursuing Ph.D. from AMITY University. Prof. Dixit holds more than 12 years of teaching experience and has written many preparatory books for GATE/PSU/IES examinations. He is a member of IET, UK.