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GATE in 75 Days : Mechanical Engineering

Author(s): Marut Tiwari

ISBN: 9789387994324

Edition: 1st

© Year : 2018

Rs. 425

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 510

Trim Size : 279 x 216 mm

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Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is apparently the toughest examination for engineering students. Every passing year the competition becomes more and more cut-throat with the growing number of candidates. It is no surprise that every aspiring engineering student wants to crack this examination as it provides boundless opportunities for postgraduation courses at IISc and IITs, as well as for much sought-after job prospects in various PSUs and the government sector.


This first edition of 'GATE in 75 Days—Mechanical Engineering' is written in accordance with the latest pattern and syllabus of GATE examination. The entire curriculum is demarcated into a 75-day segregation such that the student can complete it all in an easy, step-by-step manner in just 75 days. Arranging the content day-wise enables the student to cover the syllabus in a planned and timely manner. Prepared by authors who are well-qualified, proficient, and reputed in their respective subject areas, this book strives to make every chapter distinct yet equally effective.


With adequate content to hone theoretical skills as well as ample solved problems for practice, the aspirants will be able to achieve success in the upcoming GATE examination.


  • Prepares the students for GATE examination in just 75 days
  • Simple, easy-to-follow, yet effective compilation
  • Emphasizes on the application of each theoretical concept through numerical problems
  • Solutions to all the problems are provided for a better understanding of the concepts
  • Includes previous years' GATE question papers
  • This book includes a license key for our digital learning app, CENGAGE app, that provides access to solved papers.

Day 1 Force Systems and Equilibrium

Day 2 Trusses and Frames

Day 3 Analysis of Translation I-Kinematics

Day 4 Analysis of Translation II-Kinetics

Day 5 Analysis of Rotation

Day 6 Analysis of General Plane Motion

Day 7 Centroid and Moment of Inertia

Day 8 Axial Loading

Day 9 Torsional Loading

Day 10 Shear and Bending-I

Day 11 Shear and Bending-II: Stresses

Day 12 Shear and Bending-III: Slope and Deflection

Day 13 Combined Loading-I: 2D Stress and Strain

Day 14 Combined Loading-II: Generalized Hooke’s Law and Elastic Constants

Day 15 Columns and Energy Methods

Day 16 Fundamentals of Mechanisms

Day 17 Kinematic Analysis of Planar Mechanisms

Day 18 Dynamic Analysis of Planar Mechanisms and Flywheel

Day 19 Governors

Day 20 Balancing

Day 21 Gears

Day 22 Gear Trains

Day 23 Vibrations-I

Day 24 Vibrations-II

Day 25 Design for Static Loading

Day 26 Design for Dynamic Loading

Day 27 Design of Joints

Day 28 Design of Bearings

Day 29 Design of Brakes and Clutches

Day 30 Design of Springs

Day 31 Fluid Properties and Dimensional Analysis

Day 32 Fluid Statics

Day 33 Fluid Kinematics-I

Day 34 Fluid Kinematics-II

Day 35 Fluid Dynamics

Day 36 Viscous Incompressible Flow (Internal)

Day 37 Viscous Incompressible Flow (External)

Day 38 Turbomachinery

Day 39 Steady State Conduction

Day 40 Transient Conduction and Fins

Day 41 Convection

Day 42 Radiation-I

Day 43 Radiation-II

Day 44 Heat Exchangers

Day 45 Fundamentals and Working Fluid

Day 46–47 First Law of Thermodynamics

Day 48 Second Law of Thermodynamics

Day 49 Entropy

Day 50 Analysis of Reversible Processes

Day 51 Availability and Irreversibility

Day 52 Power Engineering

Day 53 IC Engines

Day 54 Refrigeration

Day 55 Psychrometry

Day 56 Materials Science

Day 57 Casting Processes-I

Day 58 Casting Processes-II

Day 59 Forming Processes-I: Fundamentals and Rolling

Day 60 Forming Processes-II: Forging, Drawing and Extrusion

Day 61 Forming Processes-III: Sheet Metal Working

Day 62 Welding Processes

Day 63 Machining Processes-I: Fundamentals

Day 64 Machining Processes-II: Tool Geometry, Life and Wear

Day 65 Machining Processes-III: Mechanics of Orthogonal Machining

Day 66 Machining Processes-IV: Modern Machining Processes

Day 67 Metrology and Inspection

Day 68 Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Day 69 PPC-I Forecasting

Day 70 PPC-II Aggregate Planning and MRP

Day 71 PPC-III Scheduling and Sequencing

Day 72 Inventory Control

Day 73 OR-I: Linear Programming

Day 74 OR-II: Transportation and Queuing Problems

Day 75 OR-III: Project Management


Marut Tiwari

Marut Tiwari is B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from SITM, Lucknow and M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. He has guided more than 10,000 GATE/ESE aspirants for mechanical engineering in the last 5 years from all across India. At IIT Kharagpur, he obtained 9.63 CGPA and was awarded silver medal. He was also adjudged the best student and awarded the Roshan L. Tayalia IIIE award. Previously, Er Tiwari was technical consultant with JDA Software Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru. He is fond of poetry writing on life and motivation. With the help and inspiration from his younger brother Gaurav Tiwari, he provides primary education for more than 300 children of economically weaker background in a village in Amethi district (UP).