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Structural Steel Drafting and Design

Author(s): Hector Estrada | David C. MacLaughlin

ISBN: 9788131519776

Edition: 2nd

© Year : 2013

Rs. 495

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 254

Trim Size : 279 x 216mm

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'Practical and easy to use, this text lays a solid groundwork for beginning and intermediate students to pursue careers in architecture, construction, or civil engineering. The text clarifies the vital interdependence between structural steel design and fabrication drawings, equipping students to work flexibly with both. First and foremost a drafting book, Structural Steel Drafting and Design gives an overview of structural design theory while providing numerous examples, illustrations, and real-world assignments. Students also become acquainted with critical tables and reference material from industry-standard sources, as well as the merits of Load and Resistance Factor Design and Allowable Strength Design.

'  Emphasizes the connection between design and fabrication drawings, enhancing users' ability to work with both practical drawings and details help users grasp complex concepts at a glance examples of design calculations familiarize users with routine mathematics encountered on the job Allowable Stress Design method enables users to understand the numbers in technical calculations familiarizes users with authoritative information from American Institute of Steel Construction and Steel Joist Institute A new chapter on Vertical and horizontal bracing
'Structural Steel Design Drawing For Steel Construction Steel: An Economical Choice For Commercial And Industrial Buildings: Introduction, Steel Frame Construction, The Economy Of Steel Frame Construction, Load Resistance Factor Design, Summary, Study Questions. An Introduction To The World Of Structural Steel: Introduction, Steel As A Structural Material, Common Structural Steel Rolled Shapes, The Manual Of Steel Construction, Open-Web Steel Joists, Steel Joist Institute Load Tables, Summary, Study Questions. The Structural Drafter In The Structural Engineering Design Or Fabricator''s Office: Introduction, Structural Engineering, Desirable Characteristics Of The Structural Drafter, Engineering Office Organization, Summary, Study Questions. Reading Architectural Drawings For Steel-Framed Buildings: Introduction, Architectural Materials And Symbols, Architectural Floor Plans, Exterior Elevations, Building Sections, Architectural Wall Sections And Details, Summary, Study Questions. An Overview Of Basic Structural Steel Design Calculations: Introduction, Basic Structural Design Considerations And Terminology, The Design And Selection Of Open-Web Steel Joists, The Design And Selection Of W-Shape (Wide Flange) Beams And Girders, The Design Of Beam Bearing Plates, The Design Of Steel Columns, The Design Of Column Baseplates, Summary, Study Questions. The Preparation Of Structural Steel Design Drawings And Details: Introduction, The Basic Objectives Of Structural Design, The Structural Steel Grid System, Structural Steel Sections, Structural Steel Details, Summary, Study Questions. Structural Steel Sections And Details For Commercial And Industrial Buildings : Structural Steel Fabrication Drawings For Steel Construction The Structural Designer/Fabricator Relationship, An Introduction To Structural Steel Shop Drafting, Column Detailing, Structural Connections, Beam Detailing, Anchor Rods and Anchor Rod Plans, The Steel Erection Plan, The Field Bolt List, An Introduction To Non-Rectangular Framing, Cad In Structural Drafting.  
'David C. MacLaughlin David MacLaughlin is retired from the Chippewa Valley Technical College (25 years) as head of the construction engineering department. Hector Estrada Dr. Hector Estrada is currently professor and chair of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of the Pacific. He has published on structural engineering and engineering education in various peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, and presented research work at various technical conferences. He has served as reviewer for a number of journals (including the ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering and ASCE Journal of Engineering Mechanics), conferences, book publishers, and funding agencies. His past and current service includes membership in several national ASCE and ASME committees.