Test Prep

Bull’s-eye Biology for NEET

Author(s): Hariom Gangwar

ISBN: 9788131530306

1st Edition

Copyright: 2017

India Release: 2017


Binding: Paperback

Imprint: CL India

Pages: 622

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Experts advise that NEET aspirants, while deciding their preparation plan, must read NCERT books of classes XI and XII as they focus on fundamentals and help candidates with basic concepts. As a part of NEET preparation series, Cengage Learning brings to you Bull’s-eye Biology for NEET, a book based on NCERT syllabus and a step further to NCERT textbooks with (i) theory explained in crisp points and (ii) questions hand-picked with precision, keeping the level of the examination in consideration. The content in this book has been structured in a way that aspirants can refer to it any time during the preparation year.

  • Theory coverage strictly based on NCERT syllabus
  • Pointwise synopsis with strong coverage of fundamentals
  • Two assignments per chapter designed to strengthen basics
  • Diagram-based questions included
  • Detailed solutions with answer key

1. The Living World

2. Biological Classification

3. Plant Kingdom

4. Animal Kingdom

5. Morphology of Flowering Plants

6. Anatomy of Flowering Plants

7. Structural Organisation in Animals

8. Cell: The Unit of Life

9. Biomolecules

10. Cell Cycle and Cell Division

11. Transport in Plants

12. Mineral Nutrition

13. Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

14. Respiration in Plants

15. Plant Growth and Development

16. Digestion and Absorption

17. Breathing and Exchange of Gases

18. Body Fluids and Circulation

19. Excretory Products and their Elimination

20. Locomotion and Movement

21. Neural Control and Coordination

22. Chemical Coordination and Integration

23. Reproduction in Organisms

24. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

25. Human Reproduction

26. Reproductive Health

27. Principles of Inheritance and Variation

28. Molecular Basis of Inheritance

29. Evolution

30. Human Health and Disease

31. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

32. Microbes in Human Welfare

33. Biotechnology: Principles and Processes

34. Biotechnology and its Applications

35. Organisms and Population

36. Ecosystem

37. Biodiversity and Conservation

38. Environmental Issues

Hariom Gangwar