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Print Products

Numerous competitive examinations are conducted in India for entrance into various undergraduate and post-graduate professional programs as well as for securing services in government departments/organizations. Cengage India publishes books and other learning materials for several national level competitive examinations such as JEE (Main and Advanced), NEET, BITSAT, NTSE, UPSC, etc., and even for JEE/NEET foundation. Keeping in view the requirements and the different learning approach amongst students, we publish to address the need of almost the entire spectrum of the market/audience.

Digital Bundles

With the onset of digital medium and mobile devices, and the resulting transformation in the preparation approach of students, we have been one of the pioneers in the industry in bundling digital supplements and resources with our titles for  JEE, BITSAT, NEET, AIIMS examinations, etc. These added resources, in the form of practice tests/video lectures/online assessments, are delivered through Android/Windows app, CDs/DVDs, and online assessment platforms.

Product Categories

JEE Main and Advanced/BITSAT: Our product suite for JEE Main and Advanced adopts a right mix of theory, illustrations and examples that highlights the application of concepts supported with different types of exercises for practice. The objective of each book in this segment is to help aspirants to understand each topic and its applications, develop their problem-solving skills and build speed to solve problems in quick time. Apart from our wide-ranging JEE suite of products, we publish titles for BITSAT. Our authors are experienced teachers and have adopted a tried-and-tested approach to learning in these books that help master concepts by practicing on exercises and problems with varying degree of difficulty and complexity. Overall, the content in our books is well-balanced, which equips aspirants with adequate knowledge of the subject and provides enough confidence to crack the examination successfully. Our books on solutions for past years’ JEE question papers present a comprehensive coverage of the questions asked in JEE Main and Advanced. The books are extremely useful to aspirants to have a feel of the type and difficulty of the questions asked in JEE Main and Advanced.

NEET/AIIMS: Our product suite for this segment, helps students prepare well for both NEET and AIIMS examinations. Strictly set in accordance with the prescribed syllabi, our products provide a good roadmap/approach to preparation along with enough depth in coverage of each topic. The learner friendly approach adopted in these products is very engaging for students as there is a fine balance of theory and exercises that promotes mastering of subjects with ease and speed. Our books on solutions for previous years’ NEET/AIIMS papers provide a clear understanding to aspirants regarding the type and difficulty of questions asked in these examinations. App-based additional free resources help students test their level of preparation and these assessments help students know their areas of strength and weaknesses and pace their preparation, accordingly.

NTSE: Currently published in two volumes, this product is a self-study material developed by a team of educationists, based on their immensely rich experience of teaching high school students. Its comprehensive pedagogy, in the form of tables, mind maps, examples and illustrations, help students develop their problem-solving skills and improve their overall aptitude.

Foundation Books: For a student aspiring for a career in Science and Technology, acquiring good understanding of the fundamental concepts of the subjects and honing analytical capabilities are essential. Comprising books on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology for Classes VII to X, our IIT/NEET foundation series is aimed to help students build a solid foundation in these subjects, while ensuring compliance to the objectives of National Curriculum Foundation (NCF). Prepared on the lines of curriculum prescribed by NCERT for Classes VII to X, these books have been written in simple language to help students understand the topics without difficulty. Ultimately, this series of books could be very helpful in creating a strong foundation among students aiming for JEE and NEET.

Civil Services Examinations: Cengage’s suite of products for Civil Services Examination are a combination of a new-age series developed with a scientific approach to help crack the examination successfully and a parallel set of comprehensive books on different subjects written by some of the most established authors in the segment. Our books provide a blended learning approach i.e. a mix of print and digital resources that not only equip aspirants with a good understanding of fundamental concepts of the subject but also help them stay up-to-date, learn and track their progress for both objective and subjective formats of the examination. The digital supplements and resources include well-explained videos on difficult topics, daily mock quizzes for prelims, answer-writing practice, assistance in interview preparation, etc. Our users receive daily updates through an integrated social network platform.

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