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Antenna and Wave Propagation

Author(s): Manjusha Joshi | Pratik J. Mhatre

ISBN: 9789355735164

1st Edition

Copyright: 2023

India Release: 2022


Binding: Paperback

Pages: 285

Trim Size: 241 × 181 mm

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India needs design and development technology applications and communication is one of the major
areas. There is an ever-growing demand for better and better applications in defence, IoT,
communication systems with multiple input–multiple output (MIMO), exponentially growing mobile
technology, and so on. For all such applications, antenna design is intrinsic and needs a clear
understanding of antenna technology. Role and significance of antennas in communication systems is
quite prominent. Hence, a study of antennas and wave propagation is crucial. This book serves as a
basic and comprehensive textbook on antennas and wave propagation for UG and PG students of all
Indian technological universities.

  • simple and easy to understand for the student, with learning aids to face examinations
  • builds the conceptual base required to thoroughly understand the subject
  • helps to understand the subject in detail for practising engineers
  • help to develop a strong analytical base in understanding the subject and adapt to ever-emerging new technologies in this area

1. Vector Analysis
2. Electromagnetic Field Theory
3. Introduction to Antennas
4. Antenna Parameters
5. Dipole Antenna
6. Long Wire Antennas
7. Arrays of Antennas
8. Different Types of Antennas
9. Antenna Parameter Measurements
10. Wave Propagation
11. Smart Antennas
12. Antennas in IoT Applications
13. Antennas Used in 5G Networks
14. Simulation Tools Used in Antenna Design

Manjusha Joshi is Associate Professor at Amity University, Mumbai Campus. She is Research
Associate for a start-up company in the healthcare domain. She holds PhD degree from NMIMS –
Deemed University. Dr Joshi is actively involved in working to facilitate education for the
underprivileged. She loves teaching and interacting with young minds.
Pratik J. Mhatre is Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics & Telecommunication
Engineering at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai. He is also pursuing PhD in Engineering
from NMIMS – Deemed University. Prof. Mhatre is a dedicated teacher, excellent mentor, and
passionate researcher.
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