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Control Systems

Author(s): Dhanesh N Manik

ISBN: 9788131518120

1st Edition

Copyright: 2012

India Release: 2012


Binding: Paperback

Pages: 622

Trim Size: 241 X 181 mm

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Control Systems is a concise and accessible textbook designed for undergraduate engineering students from various disciplines. It offers a strong foundation in control engineering by introducing topics from basic principles. The pedagogical approach and coherent flow of concepts aid student comprehension without the need for additional reading. Emphasizing the physics of control system theory, the book encourages the application of basic mathematics to solve feedback control systems.

  • Specially designed for an undergraduate course on control systems
  • Detailed emphasis on physics and mathematics of control systems
  • Proper sequencing of sections, with qualitative discussions at relevant points throughout
  • Excellent pedagogy includes example problems, review questions, multiple choice questions, and exercise problems
  • Answers to multiple choice questions
  • Nicely drawn and clearly labeled diagrams supplementing the text
  • New techniques for plotting Bode and root-locus plots
  • Mini solutions manual and computer programs (SCILAB) for exercise problems will be available at http://www.me.iitb.ac.in/~dnm/ControlSystems/  
  • Useful to practicing engineers
  1. System Dynamics
  2. Feedback Control Systems
  3. Transient Response and Stability
  4. Controllers
  5. Root-Locus Method
  6. Nyquist’s Stability Criterion
  7. Bode and Nichols Plots
  8. State-Space Systems
  9. Digital Controls
  10. System Compensation

Dhanesh N. Manik is currently professor in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Bombay.