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Digital Marketing: From Fundamentals to Future

Author(s): Swaminathan T. N. | Karthik Kumar

ISBN: 9789353501532

1st Edition

Copyright: 2019

India Release: 2019


Binding: Paperback

Pages: 296

Trim Size: 241 x 181 mm

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Digital Marketing: From Fundamentals to Future is a must read for Students, Academia and Practitioners of Digital Marketing in particular and marketing in general. The book presents an interesting way of teaching the students / readers by opening each section with a case study. Unlike other Digital Marketing books, this book also shows you how to use or implement what you read in the real world of digital marketing. The book will allow the readers to connect the dots on what they would have missed or could have done better with their own digital marketing plans. While most books throw a lot of digital marketing jargons, this book actually uses multiple cases even from the 70s, 80s and 90s and how the same can be used in the digital and connected world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

  • Covers all the important theoretical framework of traditional and digital marketing relevant to business and academics.
  • Adopts a user-friendly approach to digital marketing, with a conversational writing style, balancing technical and marketing jargons with examples.
  • Includes two exclusive chapters — one devoted to Marketing 4.0, Industry 4.0. IoT. and the other on Disruptive Digital Technologies outlining emerging opportunities and challenges thereof.
  • Contains opening and closing cases for the chapters, that provide the context for the discussion and for cementing the learning, respectively.
  • Includes a licence key for our digital learning app, CENGAGE app, that provides access to flashcards, self-assessments and digital marketing strategy template.

CHAPTER 1 Convergence of Technologies and the Connected World              

CHAPTER 2 Demystifying Digital Marketing and Social Media

CHAPTER 3 Digital Strategy Development and Planning

CHAPTER 4 Social Media Marketing: Process and Management

CHAPTER 5 Website Planning, SEO & SERP 

CHAPTER 6 Web Analytics

CHAPTER 7 Digital Engagement

CHAPTER 8 Digital Content Marketing

CHAPTER 9 Digital and Business Marketing (B2B)

CHAPTER 10 The Digital Business

CHAPTER 11 Disruptive Digital Technologies and Impact



Swaminathan T. N.

Swaminathan T. N., Ph.D., retired from Great Lakes Institute of Management Chennai as Professor of Marketing and Director, Branding, PR & Alumni Relations. He continues with Great Lakes as Strategic Advisor to the Dean and Adjunct Professor–Marketing.


Karthik Kumar

Karthik Kumar is Director at Rage Communications, Chennai, India. He began his career in the trenches of marketing in 1976 with Indian Market Research Bureau. He embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in 2000. This led him to team up with friends who had started Rage Communication in 2003 to repurpose the business after the dot com bust.