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Do Well Physics for JEE (Main): Class 12

Author(s): C.P. Singh

ISBN: 9789355734105

1st Edition

Copyright: 2022

India Release: 2022


Binding: Paperback

Pages: 1376

Trim Size: 279 x 216 mm

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Do Well Physics for JEE (Main) focuses on systematically teaching Physics in a step-by-step manner with in-hand experience of an expert paving way for in-depth knowledge they would like to acquire. It takes into consideration the difficulties that a student face while learning physics and explicitly provides hints to help streamline the process while approaching such concepts. The most efficient way to learn physics through this book is by first learning the concepts that are methodically explained via numerical examples and then envisioning the situations where such concepts can be applied. After this, the student needs to go through each practice problem with the strengthened concepts. The most unique and somewhat unorthodox feature of this book is perhaps how the practice problems are organized in an ascending order of difficulty which enables gradation in the learning process to help students evaluate their progress. The end product of this approach will be a thorough understanding of the subject that remains the basis for all relevant engineering and medical programs in the world.

  • Theory is developed to prepare the appropriate mindset for the concepts.
  • Sufficient solved examples are present in theory for better comprehension of the concepts.
  • Problems are worked out in a simple systematic way covering all the ambiguities.
  • Two sections of exercises - Topicwise and Mixed Concept JEE Main problems have been set to master the application of concepts.
  • Detailed solutions/explanations provided at the book end for all problems
  • Free digital supplements on Cengage Digital app comprise chapterwise mock tests. 


1.             Electrostatics

2.             Capacitance

3.             Current Electricity

4.             Heating Effects of Current, RC Circuits

5.             Magnetic Effect of Current

6.             Magnetic Force, Moment and Torque

7.             Magnetism

8.             Electromagnetic Induction

9.             Alternating Current

10.           Electromagnetic Waves

11.           Photoelectric Effect

12.           Bohr’s Theory and X-rays

13.           Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity

14.           Semiconductors

15.           Communication Systems

16.           Reflection of Light

17.           Refraction of Light by Plane Surfaces

18.           Refraction at Spherical Surfaces

19.           Optical Instruments

20.           Wave Nature of Light