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Financial Management (Print on Demand)

Author(s): William R. Lasher

ISBN: 9789353502218

8th Edition

Copyright: 2017

India Release: 2019


Binding: Paperback

Pages: 880

Trim Size: 254 x 203 mm

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Enlist the help of a former CFO to introduce your students to the exciting world of financial management with the eighth edition of FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. Author, former CFO, and recognized authority William R. Lasher captivates students with unique insights into the issues and challenges facing financial managers every day. Lasher’s real world experience lets him include issues that others miss, such as the biases and hidden agendas decision makers often bring to the analysis of projects and proposals. Lasher’s practical, relevant and eminently accessible presentation has proven to keep students reading. This edition examines the latest financial developments, such as the influence of activist investors and our ever changing financial markets. Throughout the text, Lasher delivers an engaging, thorough presentation that’s perfectly matched to the needs of today’s business students. His treatment of math is particularly noteworthy. He explains equations with words first, and then presents solutions slowly, step by step, so even those with weak quantitative skills can follow easily. That presentation is backed up with numerous fully explained numerical examples. Lasher’s FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, Eighth Edition, delivers the solid understanding of business finance that your students need for future success.

  • Concept Connections: End-of-chapter problems reference in-chapter examples to facilitate review. Students who are challenged by end-of-chapter problems can use convenient cross references that guide them back to corresponding in-chapter examples for review and clarification of concepts.
  • Step-by-step completed examples walk students through the processes: Numerous, detailed worked-out examples throughout the text ensure students understand each step as they walk through the processes. These practical learning tools ensure this book is a useful resource that students can use on their own for review and reinforcement.
  • “From the CFO” provides insights based on the author’s personal experience as a CFO: Take a true “insider’s look” at the role of CFO in business today. “From the CFO” features throughout the book highlight author Dr. Lasher’s personal experience as a successful CFO. You will examine finance in actual practice with tips and insights grounded in real business world experience.
  • To keep the book current, the author has added coverage of several important new topics throughout the book.
  • The treatment of the EVA/MVA approach to financial analysis has been greatly expanded. The changing character of securities markets has been recognized with an expansion of the treatment of exchanges to included off-exchange trading through Dark Pools as well as High Frequency Trading and SEC regulation.
  • To assist those students who have trouble getting started with time value problems, 15 very easy problems have been added to the end of the end-of-chapter problems in chapter 6.
  • There is expanded coverage of capital budgeting, estimating the optimal capital structure, and a new emphasis in payments to stockholders from dividends to distributions in general. The eighth edition also adds a major section on activist investors in the chapter on corporate restructuring.


1. Foundations.

2. Financial Background: A Review of Accounting, Financial Statements, and Taxes.

3. Cash Flows and Financial Analysis.

4. Financial Planning.

5. The Financial System, Corporate Governance, and Interest.


6. Time Value of Money.

7. The Valuation and Characteristics of Bonds and Leasing.

8. The Valuation and Characteristics of Stock.

9. Risk and Return.


10. Capital Budgeting.

11. Cash Flow Estimation.

12. Risk Topics and Real Options in Capital Budgeting.

13. Cost of Capital.







































































14. Capital Structure and Leverage.

15. Dividends and Repurchases.


16. The Management of Working Capital.

17. Corporate Restructuring.

18. International Finance.

William R. Lasher, Nichols College

Dr. Lasher has a unique background in education and financial practice that enables him to offer unique, firsthand insights into the world of financial management in his text. Prior to entering full-time academics, he worked in finance at Texas Instruments, Harris Corporation, and the Pacific Telesis organization. He has held positions as a planner, a controller, and a subsidiary CFO. While working in business, he taught evening courses in finance and economics at the University of Dallas, the University of Texas at Dallas, and Golden Gate University in San Francisco. After a successful corporate career, he became a full time author/educator in finance at Nichols College. He has taught and written finance for over 25 years. Dr. Lasher holds a B.S. and an M.B.A. from Columbia University, a Ph.D. from Southern Methodist University, and a J.D from the New England School of Law. He has been a Certified Public Accountant and is a member of the Massachusetts Bar. In addition to Financial Management, he has published books on business planning, franchising, and the strategic management of small firms.