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Fundamentals of Dimensional Metrology (Print on Demand)

Author(s): Connie L. Dotson

ISBN: 9789386668547

Edition: 6th

© Year : 2016


Binding: Paperback

Pages: 640

Trim Size : 254 x 203 mm

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Reflecting the latest changes in standards and technology, market-leading FUNDAMENTALS OF DIMENSIONAL METROLOGY, 6e combines hands-on applications with authoritative, comprehensive coverage of the principles, techniques, and devices used within today's dimensional metrology field. The Sixth Edition has been thoroughly revised and updated in direct response to reviewer feedback. The new edition features an easier to understand presentation, a new lab manual/workbook, updated photos and illustrations and updated references to measurement standards.. The text continues to use both metric and imperial systems but emphasizes metric measurement devices and concepts in all examples for greater consistency with the latest industry trends.

  • Focusing on practical application and understanding, end-of-chapter questions enable readers to check their understanding as they progress through the book.
  • Trigonometry tables in the Appendix provide a helpful reference for Chapter 12, Angle Measurement.
  • The Appendix also includes metrology-related webpages for instructor and student reference.
  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing information in Chapter 3 enhances metrology communication between quality, inspection, design, and engineering students.
  • FUNDAMENTALS OF DIMENSIONAL METROLOGY, 6e emphasizes real-world application throughout the text.
  • More reader-friendly than ever, FUNDAMENTALS OF DIMENSIONAL METROLOGY, 6e includes easier to understand language, and expanded end-of-chapter questions.
  • An all-new lab manual/workbook includes lab projects as well as workbook questions that correspond with each chapter in the book.
  • The revised table of contents provides comprehensive coverage along with more effective content flow.
  • New web resources link learners with the latest developments from the field as well as provide opportunities for further exploration of chapter content.
  • Bringing chapter concepts to life, vivid new photos and detailed illustrations enhance content clarity and improve student understanding.
  • Revised tables and charts provide the most current information available.


1. Measurement and Metrology.

2. Language and Systems of Measurement.

3. Measurement and Tolerances.

4. Statistics and Metrology.

5. Graduated Scales and Scaled Instruments.

6. Vernier Instruments.

7. Micrometer Instruments

8. Gage Blocks.

9. Calibration.

10. Measurement by Comparison.

11. Reference Planes.

12. Angle Measurement.

13. Surface Measurement.

14. High Amplification-Comparators.

15. Pneumatic Measurement.

16. Optical Flats.

17. Optical Metrology.

18. Coordinate Measuring Machines.






Connie L. Dotson

Connie L. Dotson is a journeyman tool and die maker and a professional trainer who has taught technical, apprentice, software, and metrology courses in college and private industry. She also has presented training design plans at the national American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) Conference. She holds a Master of Business Administration degree with emphasis on adult learning and training design.