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General Science for UPSC and State Civil Services Examinations

Author(s): PrepMate

ISBN: 9789355735607

Edition: 2nd

© Year : 2023


Binding: Paperback

Pages: 352

Trim Size : 241 x 181 mm

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We bring to you a series of books for effective preparation of Civil Services Examinations. These books are written following a powerful pedagogy and are developed with a scientific approach to help the aspirants prepare well in less time. These books provide a blended learning approach i.e. a mix of print and digital resources that not only equip aspirants with good understanding of fundamental concepts of the subject but also help them stay up-to-date.

Print–Digital Model

We believe that the contact among aspirants and author is important for learning and motivation of aspirants. With this objective, we have developed the application and web portal to answer your queries and provide continuous hand-holding.


  • Complete syllabus coverage of a subject in a single book
  • Use of flow charts, maps and diagrams to explain concepts
  • Numerous practice questions along with detailed solutions
  • UPSC past years’ prelims questions along with detailed solutions
  • A thorough and practical approach to write mains answers
  • Model answers for UPSC mains from authors

Digital Support

  • Well-explained videos on difficult topics
  • Daily updates
  • IAS Beginner’s guide


1. Motion

2. Force and Laws of Motion

3. Gravitation

4. Work and Energy

5. Sound

6. Light I

7. Light II

8. Electricity

9. Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

10. Electromagnetic Radiation

11. Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation)


1. Matter

2. Is Matter Around Us Pure?

3. Atoms and Molecules

4. Metals and Non-metals

5. Chemical Reactions

6. Carbon and Its Compounds

7. Acids, Bases and Salts


1. Cell: Unit of Life

2. Plant Diversity

3. Animal Diversity

4. Heredity and Evolution

5. Life Processes

6. Control and Coordination

7. Reproduction in Organisms

8. Why Do We Fall Ill?


1. Our Universe