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Management Information Systems

Author(s): Effy Oz

ISBN: 9788131519066

Edition: 6th

© Year : 2013


Binding: Paperback

Pages: 592

Trim Size : 279 x 216 mm

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'With a clear emphasis on the business and management elements of information technology, MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS continues to be the ideal resource for upper-level business students and MBA students. Updated to include the latest information technologies, practices, and trends, this book uses more real-world examples and case studies than ever before, providing skills and knowledge that are easily transferable to the business world. From overviews of the information age to online business and business intelligence, readers will gain a sound balance of the technical and business elements of information technology.

'  Detailed illustrations clarify the book''s more complex concepts Ethical and Societal Issues are featured in each chapter so readers not only gain professional skills, but also the responsible and ethical methods of using those skills A wealth of current real-world examples reflect a wide variety of businesses New and updated end-of-chapter Real Cases include critical thinking questions to help students apply what they have learned Review and discussion questions close each chapter, reinforcing key information Emphasis on networked businesses and strategic uses of information technologies prepare students for professional careers Valuable Instructor''s Manual was developed by the author so that it correlates directly with the book, allowing instructors to spend less time preparing teaching notes.
'PART ONE: THE INFORMATION AGE. 1. Business Information Systems: An Overview. 2. Strategic Uses of Information Systems. 3. Business Functions and Supply Chains. PART TWO: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. 4. Business Hardware. 5. Business Software. 6. Business Networks and Telecommunications. 7. Database Management Systems. PART THREE: ONLINE BUSINESS. 8. The Web-enabled Enterprise. 9. Challenges in Global Information Systems. PART FOUR: DECISION SUPPORT AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE. 10. Decision Support and Expert Systems. 11. Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management. PART FIVE: PLANNING, ACQUISITION, AND CONTROLS. 12. System Planning and Development. 13. Choices in Systems Acquisition. 14. Risks, Security, and Disaster Recovery.
'Effy Oz Effy Oz is a Professor of Management Science and Information Systems at the Pennsylvania State University, Great Valley. He received his MBA from the Hebrew University and his DBA from Boston University. Professor Oz has published and presented numerous academic and professional articles and authored best-selling textbooks in the areas of management information systems, e-commerce, and IT ethics. He serves on the editorial boards of Encyclopedia of Information Systems as well as several academic journals. His writing draws on his research and industry experience as an executive as well as a business consultant.