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Statistical Inference

Author(s): George Casella | Roger L. Berger

ISBN: 9788131503942

1st Edition

Copyright: 2007

India Release: 2006


Binding: Paperback

Pages: 700

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'This book builds theoretical statistics from thefirst principles of probability theory. Startingfrom the basics of probability, the authorsdevelop the theory of statistical inferenceusing techniques, definitions, and conceptsthat are statistical and are natural extensionsand consequences of previous concepts.Intended for first-year graduate students, thisbook can be used for students majoring instatistics who have a solid mathematicsbackground. It can also be used in a way thatstresses the more practical uses of statisticaltheory, being more concerned withunderstanding basic statistical concepts andderiving reasonable statistical procedures for avariety of situations, and less concerned withformal optimality investigations.FEATURES Offers new coverage of randomnumber generation, simulation methods,bootstrapping, EM algorithm, p-values, androbustness.Includes new sections on "Logistic Regression"and "Robust Regression"Restructures material for clarity purposesContains updated and expanded Exercises Key Features

'1. Probability Theory. 2. Transformations and Expectations 3. Common Families of Distributions 4. Multiple Random Variables 5. Properties of a Random Sample 6. Principles of Data Reduction 7. Point Estimation 8. Hypothesis Testing 9. Interval Estimation 10. Asymptotic Evaluations 11. Analysis of Variance and Regression 12. Regression Models
'George Casella University of Florida, Ph.D., Purdue University Roger L. Berger, Arizona State University, Ph.D., Purdue University