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Theories of Personality, 10th Edition

Author(s): Richard M. Ryckman

ISBN: 9788131525753

Edition: 10th

© Year : 2013


Binding: Paperback

Pages: 544

Trim Size : 279 x 216 mm

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A student-friendly writing style helps readers distinguish between major theories. This edition defines and emphasizes the science of personality, including the interrelation between research and theory. The author provides an objective overview of each theorist's basic concepts and principles. Students examine how different theories stimulate research efforts as they study five current research trends resulting from the work of earlier theorists. This edition merges the best of classic and contemporary research for a working knowledge of personality.

  • There is an expanded treatment of the theory of psychological types, including a new presentation of differences in the typology profiles of gifted and non-gifted adolescents.
  • Expansion of the theory and research on the central role played by neurotic competitiveness, that is, hypercompetitiveness and competition avoidance, in personality development and functioning, plus an updated treatment of the concept of personal development competition, a psychologically healthy form of competitive attitude.
  • Extension of the concept of ego identity statuses to include theory and research on ethnic identity. There is an emphasis on the struggle by racial/ethnic minorities to reject negative stereotypes of them by the dominant White majority and to take pride in their own racial/ethnic identity. Also, as part of this struggle, there is also an eventual acceptance of the positive features of the dominant majority group as minority group members forge a new, integrated bicultural identity that maximizes their psychological health.


PART ONE An Introduction to the Discipline

PART TWO Psychoanalytic and Neoanalytic Perspectives

PART THREE Trait Perspectives

PART FOUR Cognitive Perspectives

PART FIVE Humanistic/Existential Perspectives

PART SIX Social-Behavioristic Perspectives

PART SEVEN The Role of the Grand Personality Theories in

Contemporary Personality Psychology



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