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JEE (Advanced) Algebra (eBook) (2 Years Validity)

Author(s): G. Tewani

ISBN: 9789355737403

Edition: 3rd

© Year : 2023

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Binding: Digital

Imprint : CL India

Pages: 916

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JEE (Advanced) Algebra, a Cengage Exam Crack Series® product, is designed to help aspiring engineers focus on the subject of mathematics from two standpoints:

  1. To develop their caliber, aptitude, and attitude for the engineering field and profession.
  2. To strengthen their grasp and understanding of the concepts of the subjects of study and their applicability at the grassroots level.

Each book in this series approaches the subject in a very conceptual and coherent manner. While its illustrative, solved examples facilitate easy mastering of the concepts and their applications, an array of solved problems exposes the students to a variety of questions that they can expect in the examination. The coverage and features of this series of books make it highly useful for all those preparing for JEE Main and Advanced and aspiring to become engineers.


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  • For easy navigation in PDFs, the chapter topics in the Table of Content are two-way linked with their actual location on PDF pages. Similarly, each question in the chapter is also two-way linked with its solution. Hence, all “main topic headers”, in-text as well as exercises “question numbers” and their “solution numbers” are linked for easy navigation across a chapter PDF.
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  • The eBook includes well-explained theory with all types of problems asked in JEE Main and Advanced for a complete comprehension of the concept and its applications.
  • Previous years’ JEE Main and Advanced solved questions, which help aspirants understand the pattern of the questions asked in the examination, are also included in the eBook.
  • Supplemented with eBook is eDPP which includes a small set of problems of different types with their solutions. Each set comprises problems on a major concept or a collection of small concepts that can be attempted on a daily basis for thorough practice of concept(s).
  • Following types of problems are included in the eBook and eDPP:
    • Single Correct Answer Type
    • Multiple Correct Answers Type
    • Linked Comprehension Type
    • Matrix Match Type
    • Numerical Value Type (including Integer Answer Type)
    • Archives – updated up to JEE Advanced 2022
  • Detailed solutions/explanations to all types of exercises are provided at the chapter end.
  • Apart from eBook and eDPP, we also offer:
    • Solution Videos of Selective Questions
    • 15+ Hours of Videos on Difficult Topics
    • NCERT Exemplar Solutions of Class 11 & 12
    • 790 Questions as Chapterwise Assessments
    • 2009–23 JEE Main and Advanced Solved Questions

Chapter + eDPP

  1. Set Theory and Real Number System
  2. Theory of Equations
  3. Complex Numbers
  4. Principle of Mathematical Induction
  5. Progression and Series
  6. Inequalities Involving Means
  7. Permutation and Combination
  8. Binomial Theorem
  9. Probability I
  10. Mathematical Reasoning
  11. Statistics
  12. Determinants
  13. Matrices
  14. Probability II

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