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JEE (Advanced) Physical Chemistry: Part 2 (HLM)

Author(s): K. S. Verma | Munender Verma

ISBN: 9789353507794

3rd Edition

Copyright: 2024

India Release: 2023


Binding: Digital

Imprint: CL India

Pages: 696

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JEE (Advanced) Physical Chemistry: Part 2 (HLM), a Cengage Exam Crack Series product in the form of Hybrid Learning Material, is a blend of (1) a printed textbook, (2) a supplementary booklet of daily practice problems (DPPs), and (3) multiple digital add-ons – full-syllabus videos, eBook plus eDPP, online chapterwise mock assessments, JEE papers as online tests, etc., on Cengage Digital app.


HLM (Hybrid Learning Material) offers JEE aspirants the flexibility to access comprehensive study material in their preferred format, optimizing their exam preparation and promoting an interactive and well-rounded learning experience.


The central component of this product, namely the textbook, plays a pivotal role in preparing for JEE and serves as a guiding content for focused subject-specific learning. It adopts a systematic approach to comprehensively explain each topic, aiding in the development of a firm conceptual foundation. Abundant solved examples at the topic level facilitate an effortless grasp of concepts and their practical applications. Furthermore, a selection of challenging problems at the end of each chapter exposes candidates to diverse questions, ensuring thorough preparation for the examination. For JEE aspirants, the supplementary daily practice problem (DPP) booklet proves immensely valuable, enabling them to engage in daily practice and attain a higher level of mastery of the subject matter.


Supplemented with the textbook and DPP, the comprehensive bundle of digital add-ons promises a self-paced learning experience to the aspirant. It comprises full-syllabus-based video lectures, PDF version of the textbook and DPP, solution video of selective textbook questions, chapterwise online assessment, JEE (Main & Advanced) papers as online tests, JEE (Main & Advanced) PYQ solution PDF, JEE (Main & Advanced)-based mock tests, etc.

How to Download Cengage Digital App and Redeem the License QR Code

  • Scan the App QR Code OR visit www.cengage.co.in/cengagedigital
  • Download and install the App on your Android/iOS/Windows device. To access the digital learning material on an Android/iOS device, scan the License QR Code through the App QR code scanner.
  • To access the digital learning material on your Windows PC, redeem the License QR Code first on your mobile device and then log in with the same registered email address on the PC. You will then be able to access the learning material on your Windows device as well.


Use your smartphone camera or any QR code scanning app to scan the License QR Code printed on the inner book cover. Upon scanning the code, a 16-digit alphanumeric code (case-sensitive) will appear on your mobile screen. Enter this code manually in the “Redeem” section of your Windows (desktop) application and the learning material of the respective book will be added to your app account.


  • Comprehensive explanation of topics
  • Abundant solved examples at the topic level
  • Topicwise concept application exercises
  • Exercises section comprises all types of questions:
    • Single Correct Answer Type
    • Multiple Correct Answers Type
    • Linked Comprehension Type
    • Matrix Match Type        
    • Numerical Value Type (including Integer Answer Type)
    • Archives (updated up to JEE Main 2023 & JEE Advanced 2022 Q.)
  • Solutions provided for all questions at the bookend

DPP Features

  • Question bank designed on a daily practice basis
  • All types of JEE (Main & Advanced) pattern questions included
  • Questions segregated chapterwise & topicwise
  • Solutions at the end of DPP booklet


Digital Content Features on Cengage Digital

  • 44 hours of 93 videos developed by Munender Verma
  • Book and DPP PDF version
  • Solution videos of selective textbook questions
  • Chapterwise JEE assessments

46 (22+24) sets of JEE (Main) 2022-23 as online tests (Both Sessions 1 & 2 as per Original Morning & Evening Shifts)

  • JEE (Advanced) 2023 solution videos
  • JEE (Main & Advanced) 2009-23 PDF solutions
  • 10 JEE (Main) & 5 JEE (Advanced) online mock tests
  • NCERT Class 11 & 12 Exemplar solutions in PDF


Note: The access validity of digital content features is for 1 year from the date of redemption in Cengage Digital app.


The Table of Contents is similar in the printed textbook and video lectures.

  1. Solid State (9 Hours) (18 Videos)
  2. Solutions (8 Hours) (14 Videos)
  3. Electrochemistry (11 Hours) (24 Videos)
  4. Chemical Kinetics (8 Hours) (18 Videos)
  5. Surface Chemistry (8 Hours) (19 Videos)