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eBook for Engineering Drawing with an Introduction to AutoCAD: First-angle Projection

Author(s): S. N. Lal

ISBN: 9789355731173

Edition: 1st

© Year : 2018


Binding: eBook

Imprint : CL India

Pages: 530

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Engineering Drawing is a compulsory paper taught to the first-year undergraduate engineering students of all branches at all engineering colleges and technical universities. This book includes all the topics covered in the syllabi of most of the technical universities and colleges. Excellent presentation with simple language is a special feature of this book. The language used throughout this book is simple and can be understood by the student easily. Problems have been solved in a step-by-step procedure in a simplified manner. A few typical problems have been solved as well.

A variety of CAD software packages are available in market. The discussion on CAD is limited to 2D problems only, which is the basic requirement for first-year students; therefore, AutoCAD 2000, which can prepare accurate 2D simple drawings, has been used. AutoCAD 2000 commands have been discussed in this book.

  • The material is presented in a very simple and lucid manner.
  • The portion of computer graphics chapter has been included in addition to manual drafting method.
  • The book covers most fundamental concepts of engineering drawing.
  • It includes numerous solved examples and exercises for practice.
  • The book adopts BIS standards throughout the book.
  • The book is quite useful for degree, diploma, and AMIE students.
  • With AR app that brilliantly features detailed 3D models. The app also provides interactive information and quizzes

1. Drawing Instruments and Kits

2. Line Conventions, Lettering, and Method of Dimensioning

3. Sections and Section Conventions

4. Geometrical Constructions

5. Conic Sections/Geometrical Curves

6. Scales

7. Projection and Orthographic Projection

8. Projection of Points

9. Projection of Straight Lines

10. Projection of Planes and Auxiliary Planes

11. Projection of Solids

12. Section of Solids

13. Development of Solid Surfaces

14. Intersection of Surfaces

15. Isometric Projection

16. Perspective Projection/View

17. Conversion of Pictorial View into Orthographic View

18. CAD: Computer Aided Drafting

Dr S.N. Lal

S.N. Lal is retired Professor and Head of Mechanical Engineering from Bhagalpur College of Engineering, Bhagalpur (Bihar). Professor Lal obtained his B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from Bihar Institute of Technology, Sindri (now in Jharkhand), in 1963. He obtained his M.Tech. in Heat Power from IIT Kharagpur and Ph.D. from University of Roorkee, Roorkee. Dr Lal has a teaching experience of more than 50 years. He has published numerous research papers in national and international journals. He was formerly associated with NIT Patna as guest faculty and is a life member of the Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE), New Delhi.