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Foundation Mathematics for Class IX

Author(s): Cengage Learning India

ISBN: 9788131527771

1st Edition

Copyright: 2015

India Release: 2015


Binding: Paperback

Imprint: CL India

Pages: 308

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'For a student aspiring a career in Science and Technology, acquiring good understanding of the fundamental concepts and honing analytical capabilities are essential. This series of IIT Foundation books is aimed to help students achieve these objectives, while ensuring compliance to the objectives of National Curriculum Foundation (NCF). This series of books has been developed by the faculty of BASE Educational Services Pvt. Ltd based on their rich experience of teaching high school students. Each book in this series is organized in a logical sequence to help students learn gradually and comfortably. The content in this book is ed keeping in view the curriculum suggested by NCERT for high school. Discussions are enriched with helpful information critical for students to understand the concepts better. The book has been written in simple language so as to be read directly by children and understood easily by them. A large number of illustrations and worked examples have been included. Problems in all the exercises are direct as well as application type, all of which are graded. Some challenging problems also find a place in the exercises.
' Good introduction of topics relating them to real life Photographs of great mathematicians with short write-ups on their contributions Some lab activities relevant to the topics Thought-provoking questions A mindmap at the end of every chapter Multiple choice questions on all topics which could be used for competitive examinations
'1. Number system 2. Polynomials 3. Co-ordinate geometry 4. Linear equations 5. Introduction to Euclid's geometry 6. Lines and angles 7. Triangles 8. Quadrilaterals 9. Area of parallelogram and triangle 10. Circles 11. Construction 12. Heron's formula 13. Surface areas and volumes 14. Statistics and probability