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Foundation Science for Class VIII

Author(s): Cengage Learning India

ISBN: 9788131527788

Edition: 1st

© Year : 2015


Binding: Paperback

Imprint : CL India

Pages: 304

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'For a student aspiring a career in Science and Technology, acquiring good understanding of the fundamental concepts and honing analytical capabilities are essential. This series of IIT Foundation books is aimed to help students achieve these objectives, while ensuring compliance to the objectives of National Curriculum Foundation (NCF). This series of books has been developed by the faculty of BASE Educational Services Pvt. Ltd based on their rich experience of teaching high school students. Each book in this series is organized in a logical sequence to help students learn gradually and comfortably. The content in this book is ed keeping in view the curriculum suggested by NCERT for high school. Discussions are enriched with helpful information critical for students to understand the concepts better. The book has been written in simple language so as to be read directly by children and understood easily by them. A large number of illustrations and worked examples have been included. Problems in all the exercises are direct as well as application type, all of which are graded. Some challenging problems also find a place in the exercises.
' Each chapter begins with a 'starter' page that creates curiously about the topic and motivates one to read ahead The list of objectives provided at the beginning of each chapter provides a preview of the chapter in terms of extent and sequence of contents covered Pioneers information is used to point out historical facts and discoveries of scientists The info box provides additional information on the topic covered The note box furnishes the key points to be noted Figures and photographs have been added wherever necessary to illustrate important points and aid the visualization of abstract concepts A mind map is provided at the end of each chapter to provide a complete review the chapter The exercise part is prepared to train students for the board examination and beyond.
'1. Crop production and management 2. Microorganisms: Friend and foe 3. Synthetic fibres and plastics 4. Materials: Metals and non-metals 5. Coal and petroleum 6. Combustion and flame 7. Conservation of plants and animals 8. Cell - Structure and functions 9. Reproduction in animals 10. Reaching the age of adolescence 11. Force and pressure 12. Friction 13. Sound 14. Chemical effects of electric current 15. Some natural phenomena 16. Light 17. Stars and the solar system 18. Pollution of air and water