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eBook for MKTG: A South-Asian Perspective

Author(s): Charles W. Lamb | Joe F. Hair | Carl McDaniel | Dr. Dheeraj Sharma

ISBN: 9788131525340

Edition: 1st

© Year : 2016


Binding: eBook

Imprint : South Western

Pages: 694

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4LTR Press, a Cengage Learning product, is a widely acclaimed concept of learning with a simple approach—creating an innovative teaching and learning solution built around today’s learners and teachers. The idea behind bringing out this series of books is to introduce students and teachers in South Asia to an innovative concept in management studies. Since the launch, 4LTR Press has helped more than 1,800,000 college students at over 2,000 schools succeed worldwide.


MKTG, a 4LTR Press product, takes into account and integrates the inputs from discipline-specific focus groups, conversations, and surveys and presents the content in a visually engaging page layout, keeping intact the high-quality content instructors need. It adopts a persuasive visual medium and offers a balanced approach, demonstrating how to use marketing information to make business decisions. The book aims at enjoyable reading and easy attention using comprehensive pedagogical features.

  • Systematic and methodical manner of coverage of topics
  • Visually appealing presentation
  • Brief caselets from Indian businesses
  • Detailed case studies simulating real world corporate problems and dilemmas
  • Chapter review cards at the end of each chapter
  • Rich pedagogical features, such as
  • key terms
  • learning objectives
  • chapter-end exercises
  • CourseMate includes Interactive eBook, Flashcards, Interactive Quiz and more.


Chapter 1   An overview of Marketing

Chapter 2   Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage

Chapter 3   Ethics and Social Responsibility

Chapter 4   The marketing Environment

Chapter 5   Developing a Global Vision

Case 1: Aviva life Insurance Company India Ltd.


Chapter 6 Consumer Decision Making

Chapter 7 Business marketing

Chapter 8 Segmenting and Targeting Markets

Chapter 9 Decision Support Systems and Marketing Research

Case 2: Makemytrip.com (A)


Chapter 10 Product Concepts

Chapter 11 Developing and Managing Products

Chapter 12 Services and Nonprofit Organization Marketing

Case 3: A-One Starch Products Limited (A)


Chapter 13 Marketing Channels

Chapter 14 Supply Chain Management

Chapter 15 Retailing

Case 4: Crossword—Customer Relationship Management


Chapter 16 Integrated Marketing Communications

Chapter 17 Advertising and Public Relations

Chapter 18 Sales Promotion and Personal Selling

Case 5: Jasmine—A Case Study


Chapter 19 Pricing Concepts 

Chapter 20 Setting the Right Price

Case 6: Modernization of Fair Price Shops: A Case of Gujarat


Chapter 21 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Chapter 22 Social Media and Marketing

Chapter 23 Bottom of the Pyramid

Case 7: Allegiance Corporation Bank: Restructuring Private Banking




Dr. Dheeraj Sharma

Dr. Dheeraj Sharma is a faculty in Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India. Dr. Sharma earned his doctoral degree with major marketing and double minor in psychology and quantitative analysis from Louisiana Tech University, USA. He has taught and presented research at numerous education institutions in North America, Europe, and Asia. Dr. Sharma is past associate editor of Journal of Marketing Channels and past editor of the Academy of Marketing Science proceedings. Dr. Sharma has over fifty publications in leading international journals, encyclopedias, books, and conference proceedings. Dr. Sharma’s publications have appeared in Business and Society Review, European Journal of Marketing, International Journal of Emerging Markets, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Journal of Marketing Channels, Journal of Marketing Education, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Product and Brand Management, Marketing Management Journal among other prominent publications. Dr. Sharma has been involved in consulting projects and executive training with several multinational corporations and government ministries and his expert views have been cited in many major internationals newspapers and TV channels.