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An Introduction to Internet of Things : Connecting Devices, Edge Gateway, and Cloud with Applications

Author(s): Rahul Dubey

ISBN: 9789353500931

Edition: 1st

© Year : 2019

Rs. 450

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 440

Trim Size : 241 x 181 mm

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Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Devices presents a unique extension of engineering—multidisciplinary in nature and combining domain expertise along with electronics, communications, and computer technology. It can fashion immense changes by assimilating data from distant and scattered devices to assist in taking timely actions.

The purpose of this book is to demonstrate how IoT can be applied to create useful and meaningful systems. Some use cases are introduced at the start; the rest of the book shows how these use cases are materialized using various components of IoT. Even though IoT is still evolving, many key concepts are now in place.  This book attempts to use these fundamentals to introduce and explore IoT.

This book encourages the use of community-based hardware platforms. As a result, Arduino UNO and the Raspberry Pi platforms are chosen, which are introduced and used to build and program Edge Devices and Gateways. Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT services are used in examples and discussion to demonstrate a deployable IoT ecosystem.  

As IoT encompasses many layers of technology, we expect to see in future specialized skills for different aspects of IoT. This book provides a general introduction to the applications and technology that IoT has brought about.

  • Several contemporary aspects of IoT are covered
  • Framework for creating an IoT system
  • Edge devices using Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • Linux-based gateways
  • IoT protocols—HTTPS, CoAP, and MQTT
  • Cloud services for securely connecting with IoT devices
  • Use of IoT data for analytics
  • Setting up Industrial IoT using software stack from cloud service providers
  • Includes a licence key for our digital learning app, CENGAGE App, that provides access to Practice Quiz, Codes, and Chapter Notes.




Brief Contents

Detailed Contents

1. Introduction to Internet of Things-based Systems 

2. Microcontroller-based Edge Devices

3. Linux-based Edge Device—Raspberry Pi

4. Data Networks for Edge Devices

5. Gateways: Connecting Edge Devices to the Cloud

6. Protocols for Sending Data to the Gateway or Cloud

7. Connecting Edge Data with Cloud Services

8. Analytics Using IoT Data

9. IoT System in a Laboratory

10. Industrial IoT as Managed Service

Appendix A: Linux Command Line Interface Environment

Appendix B: Programming in Python––Quick Overview

Appendix C: Node-Red—Graphical Programming for IoT

Appendix D: Amazon Web Services Cloud and IoT Environment

Appendix E: IoT Innovation Laboratories



Rahul Dubey

Rahul Dubey, PhD, is currently a technical instructor at an electric car company in California.  He possesses a mix of academic and industrial experience. For a decade, Dr Dubey worked as faculty at an ​information and communication technology institute in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, where he taught courses on embedded systems and field programmable gate arrays. Prior to moving to academics, he was applications engineer for factory automation, where he architected control systems using variable speed motor drives and programmable logic controllers.