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Diversity in Organizations, 4th Edition

Author(s): Myrtle P. Bell | Joy Leopold

ISBN: 9789355735416

4th Edition

Copyright: 2022

India Release: 2022


Binding: Paperback

Pages: 530

Trim Size: 279 x 216 mm

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Discover the value and importance of diversity for individuals and organizations today with the research-driven approach found in Bell/Leopold's DIVERSITY IN ORGANIZATIONS, 4E. This comprehensive resource blends the latest findings, new developments and recent legislation with practical examples and compelling interviews. You explore the many aspects of diversity, from a historic background to the details of how and why individuals and organizations should pursue diversity among applicants, employees, coworkers or customers. This edition guides you through differences in age, disability status, national origin, race, sex, weight and appearance as well as sexual orientation and gender identity. You examine groups that are often devalued and learn how dominant and non-dominant group members can work toward diversity and inclusion. Recent interviews and new profiles introduce diversity-focused careers and prepare you to prioritize diversity, no matter what your professional position.

  • ENGAGING INTERVIEWS FEATURE INDIVIDUALS PURSUING DIVERSITY IN THE WORKPLACE. Interviews and features of individuals from various backgrounds demonstrate diversity in today's organizations and real workspaces. These profiles also highlight potential diversity-related career paths for students.
  • PRACTICAL APPROACH PROVIDES NUMEROUS EXAMPLES AND HIGHLIGHTS SPECIFIC ACTIONS. The authors blend a research-driven approach with practical examples of how to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in workplaces today. The latest content leads readers through structured interviews, blinded resume reviews, employee-resource groups as well as the control and monitoring of human resources decisions.
  • RESEARCH-BASED APPROACH ENSURES CREDIBLE, TRUSTED CONTENT. This edition cites hundreds of academic articles, providing unmatched credibility and legitimacy about diversity content. Meaningful discussions of the latest studies and findings help you create an engaging learning environment, whether you are new to the topic or a seasoned instructor.
  • EVALUATIONS OF MEDIA SOURCES PREPARE STUDENTS TO CHECK VALIDITY. The authors carefully suggest and discuss media content, introducing students to coverage from various sources to provide legitimacy and realism. Students learn how to evaluate the authenticity of sources, while current coverage demonstrates the relevance of your course.
  • REAL, CURRENT EXAMPLES INSPECT TODAY'S CORPORATE DIVERSITY EFFORTS AND ERRORS. By reviewing successful corporate diversity initiatives and mistakes from a research and results perspective, readers are prepared to thrive when working with or seeking diverse applicants, employees or customers.
  • Suggestions for and discussions of media content to introduce students to content from various sources to provide legitimacy and realism and to help in teaching.
  • NEW FEATURES FOCUS ON ACTION IN TODAY'S ORGANIZATIONS. New features examine employee-resource and affinity groups, and highlight interviews of individuals working in key diversity-related roles.
  • NEW COVERAGE HIGHLIGHTS GENERATIONAL DIFFERENCES. This edition explores the variations in perceptions and actions between generations and the impact on diversity and equality today.
  • NEW RESEARCH EXPLORES RECENT DEVELOPMENTS AND MULTIPLE ASPECTS OF DIVERSITY. This edition highlights the latest studies on the persistence of discrimination and inequality, despite decades of diversity work. Recent research also demonstrates new ways to mitigate discrimination.
  • EXPANDED CONTENT EMPHASIZES MORAL AND SOCIETAL REASONS TO VALUE DIVERSITY. Additional coverage highlights the numerous, specific benefits and broad advantages of diversity.
  • UPDATES DISCUSS NEW LEGISLATION AND RECENT COURT RULINGS. This edition highlights the latest legal developments, including U.S. Supreme Court rulings specifically regarding sexual orientation discrimination under Title VII protections.
  • REVISED CONTENT ADAPTS COX'S INTERACTIONAL MODEL OF CULTURAL DIVERSITY. The authors have revised their adaptation of Taylor Cox’s Interactional Model of the Impact of Diversity on Individual Career Outcomes and Organizational Effectiveness in this edition to more accurately discuss career impacts and work outcomes.
  • UPDATED DISCUSSIONS CANDIDLY EXAMINE BOTH INDIVIDUAL AND SYSTEMIC RACISM. Meaningful and current content throughout this edition explores all aspects of individual racism. The authors also scrutinize systemic racism and the embedded practices within today's society that lead to discrimination.


1. Introduction.

2. Theoretical Background and Foundation.

3. Legislation.


4. Blacks/African Americans.

5. Latinos/Hispanics.

6. Asians/Asian Americans.

7. Whites/Anglo Americans.

8. Native Americans and Multi-Racial Group Members.

9. Sex and Gender.

10. Work and Family.

11. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

12. Religion.

13. Age.

14. Physical and Mental Ability.

15. Weight and Appearance.


15. Global Diversity, Careers in Diversity, and Moving Forward.

Myrtle P. Bell

Myrtle P. Bell is the Associate Dean for Diversity, Racial Equity and Inclusion and the Thomas McMahon Professor of Business Ethics at the University of Texas at Arlington. She has taught diversity courses to undergraduate and graduate students for more than two decades. She holds degrees from the University of Notre Dame and Louisiana State University and earned her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Arlington. Her research frequently appears in professional journals, such as Academy of Management Learning & Education; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; Gender, Work & Organization; Human Resource Management; Journal of Applied Psychology and Journal of Organizational Behavior. She has also contributed to numerous edited volumes. Dr. Bell is a member of the Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division of the Academy of Management, which she has chaired. She has also served as a member of the Academy's Board of Governors. Dr. Bell has been recognized internationally for her diversity scholarship, mentoring and teaching.


Joy Leopold

Joy Leopold is an assistant professor of communications and journalism at Webster University. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Miami, her M.S. from University of Texas at Dallas and her B.A. from Louisiana State University. Her research centers around diversity and representation in media, organizations, and political and civic life. She also focuses on social change by protest, alternative forms of governance and organizing within and outside of traditional channels.