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Research Methods for Business: A Real-World Approach

Author(s): Christina Quinlan, Barry Babin, Jon Carr, Mitch Griffin, William G. Zikmund

ISBN: 9789360532338

3rd Edition

Copyright: 2024

India Release: 2024


Binding: Paperback

Pages: 416

Trim Size: 279 x 216 mm

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This textbook aims to provide a balanced introduction to research methods for today’s business students by synthesizing rigorous coverage of methodologies with an accessible “real-world” approach.

  • Introduces the four frameworks approach to provide beginner and advanced researchers with a simple model to follow.
  • Clear introductory step-by-step structure to help guide you through the research process.
  • A wide-range of international examples help illustrate the process and offer interdisciplinary relevance to students from a variety of courses.
  • Strong pedagogic features on Research in Practice, Real World Research, the Value of Research, and Case Studies engage students by actively illustrating the latest cutting-edge research.
  • A clear focus on research ethics runs throughout the text, enabling students to apply ethical principles to their business research.
  • New content on business research ethics including the six principles of the Framework for Ethical Research.
  • New exercises help students conceptualize their research project and begin writing the research proposal.
  • New practical step-by-step guide on piecing together an oral presentation of your proposal so you can present your research idea and your objectives clearly.
  • A fully updated companion website is available with PowerPoint slides, and an Instructors Manual.


Part I: Introduction

1. Introducing Business Research

2. Developing Research Skills

3. Understanding Research Ethics

4. Understanding Research Philosophy and The Role of Theory


Part II: Beginning the Research Process

5. The Literature Review

6. Quantitative Research: An Introduction

7. Qualitive Research: An Introduction

8. Research Methodology and Design

9. Understanding Populations and Sampling

10. Writing the Research Proposal


Part III: Data Gathering

11. Fieldwork and Observation

12. Interviews and Focus Groups

13. Surveys and Questionnaires

14. Attitude Measurement


Part IV: Dealing with Data

15. Managing Data and Introducing Data Analysis

16. Analyzing Qualitative Data

17. Analyzing Quantitative Data

18. Completing and Presenting the Research

Christina Quinlan

Dr Christina Quinlan is a social scientist. She has taught research methods to both undergraduate and postgraduate students at Dublin City University for several years.

Barry Babin

Dr Babin is current Chair of the Board for the Academy of Marketing Sciences, former president of the Society of Marketing Advances and past marketing editor for the Journal of Business Research.

Jon Carr

Jon Carr is the Jenkins Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship at North Carolina State University where he teaches courses in new venture planning at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Mitch Griffin

Mitch is a Professor of Marketing at Bradley University


William G. Zikmund

 William G. Zikmund, Ph.D., was a professor of marketing at Oklahoma State University until his death in 2002.