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Hybrid DPP Chemistry JEE (Main & Advanced)

Author(s): Seema Saini

ISBN: 9789353506681

Edition: 1st

© Year : 2024


Binding: Paperback

Pages: 792

Trim Size : 279 x 216 mm

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Hybrid DPP Chemistry JEE (Main & Advanced) comprises a well-connected blend of (1) printed DPP (Daily Practice Problems) and (2) multiple digital add-ons on Cengage Digital app. It offers JEE aspirants a “practice-daily” format that lays emphasis on “topic-specific learning”. This optimizes their exam preparation and promotes an interactive and well-rounded learning experience.


The central component of this product, the Daily Practice Problem booklets, plays a crucial part in preparing for JEE (Main and Advanced) and serves as a guiding content for focused topic-specific learning. Chemistry DPP comprises 5 sub-subject booklets – (1) Inorganic Chemistry, (2) Organic Chemistry: Part 1 and 2, and (3) Physical Chemistry: Part 1 and 2. Each booklet has an optimum number of DPPs. Each DPP comprises a selection of challenging problems (with solutions) for each subject topic that exposes aspirants to diverse JEE (Main and Advanced) level questions, ensuring thorough preparation for JEE Main and Advanced. This also enables aspirants to engage in daily practice and attain mastery of the subject matter.


Supplemented with the printed DPP, a comprehensive bundle of digital add-ons promises a self-paced practice experience to the aspirant. It comprises an array of online chapterwise assessments, online full-length mock tests, and PYQ-based online tests.


How to Download Cengage Digital App and Redeem the Features:

  • Check instructions printed on the product cover


DPP Features

  • Inorganic Chemistry: 15 Chapters, 74 DPPs
  • Organic Chemistry (Part 1): 10 Chapters, 24 DPPs
  • Organic Chemistry (Part 2): 10 Chapters, 27 DPPs
  • Physical Chemistry (Part 1): 8 Chapters, 24 DPPs
  • Physical Chemistry (Part 2): 5 Chapters, 28 DPPs
  • Question bank designed on a daily practice basis
  • All types of JEE (Main & Advanced) pattern questions included
  • Questions segregated chapterwise & topicwise
  • Solutions at the end of each DPP booklet


Digital Content Features on Cengage Digital

  • Chapterwise JEE (Main and Advanced) assessments
  • 10 JEE (Main) & 5 JEE (Advanced) online mock tests
  • JEE (Main) 2022 & 2023 online tests
  • JEE (Advanced) 2023 solution videos


Note: The access validity of digital content features is for 2 years from the date of redemption in Cengage Digital app.


Inorganic Chemistry DPP

  1. Periodic Classification of Elements and General Inorganic Chemistry
  2. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
  3. Hydrogen, Water, and Hydrogen Peroxide
  4. s-Block Group 1: Alkali Metals
  5. s-Block Group 2: Alkaline Earth Metals
  6. p-Block Group 13: The Boron Family
  7. p-Block Group-14: The Carbon Family
  8. General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
  9. p-Block Group 15 Elements: The Nitrogen Family
  10. p-Block Group 16 Elements: The Oxygen Family
  11. p-Block Group 17 Elements: The Halogen Family
  12. p-Block Group 18 Elements: The Inert Gases
  13. d- and f-Block Elements
  14. Coordination Compounds
  15. Qualitative Inorganic Salt Analysis


Organic Chemistry (Part 1) DPP

  1. Classification and Nomenclature of Organic Compounds
  2. Purification of Organic Compounds and Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
  3. Isomerism
  4. General Organic Chemistry
  5. Organic Reaction Mechanism
  6. Alkanes and Cycloalkanes
  7. Alkenes and Alkadienes
  8. Alkynes
  9. Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  10. Environmental Chemistry


Organic Chemistry (Part 2) DPP

  1. Grignard Reagents and Organometallic Compounds
  2. Reduction and Oxidation Reactions of Organic Compounds
  3. Alkyl and Aryl Halides
  4. Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
  5. Aliphatic and Aromatic Aldehydes and Ketones
  6. Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives
  7. Organic Compounds with Functional Groups Containing Nitrogen
  8. Synthetic and Natural Polymers
  9. Biomolecules
  10. Chemistry in Everyday Life


Physical Chemistry (Part 1) DPP

  1. Some Basic Concepts and Mole Concept
  2. Redox Reaction
  3. Stoichiometry
  4. Atomic Structure
  5. States of Matter
  6. Thermodynamics
  7. Chemical Equilibrium
  8. Ionic Equilibrium


Physical Chemistry (Part 2) DPP

  1. Solid State
  2. Solutions
  3. Electrochemistry
  4. Chemical Kinetics
  5. Surface Chemistry