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MindTap for Business Communication: In Person, In Print, Online

Author(s): Amy Newman

ISBN: 9781337017725

Edition: 10th

© Year : 2017


Binding: eBook

Imprint : South Western


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BUSINESS COMMUNICATION: IN PERSON, IN PRINT, ONLINE, 10th Edition, covers the most important business communication concepts in an organizational context. Real-world examples keep students engaged.

MINDTAP® provides engaging content, integrated resources like Aplia assignments and Bongo video exercises, and ample communication skills practice to prepare students to be effective communicators in a modern workplace

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  • An instructor blog helps keeps your course content up-to-date.
  • Updated coverage of communication technology integrates content on today’s social media and other communication tools.
  • Real-world examples demonstrate meaningful applications of what students are learning
  • "Topics of interest" margin notes identify highly relevant business communication issues.
  • Varied, engaging exercises provide essential practice.
  • The 3ps (purpose, process, product) model and interesting model documents helps students analyze a business situation.


Part 1 Foundations of Business Communication

1. Understanding Business Communication

1-1 Communicating in Organizations

1-2 The Components of Communication

1-3 Communication Barriers

1-4 Communication Media Choices

1-5 Potential Legal Consequences of Communication

1-6 Ethics and Communication

1-7 Introducing the 3Ps (Purpose, Process, Product) Model


2. Team and Intercultural Communication

2-1 Work Team Communication

2-2 Collaboration on Team Writing Projects

2-3 Intercultural Communication

2-4 Diversity and Inclusion Within the United States


3. Interpersonal Communication Skills

3-1 Nonverbal Communication

3-2 Listening and Empathy

3-3 Social Media for Building Business Relationships

3-4 Voice and Text Messaging

3-5 Business Meetings


Part 2 Developing Your Business Writing Skills

4. The Writing Process

4-1 An Overview of the Writing Process

4-2 Audience Analysis

4-3 Planning

4-4 Drafting

4-5 Revising

4-6 Proofreading


5. Improving Your Writing Style

5-1 What Do We Mean by Style?

5-2 Choosing the Right Words

5-3 Writing Effective Sentences

5-4 Developing Logical Paragraphs

5-5 Creating an Appropriate Tone

Part 3 Written Messages

6. Neutral and Positive Messages

6-1 Types of Neutral and Positive Messages

6-2 Planning a Neutral or Positive Message

6-3 Organizing a Neutral Message

6-4 Sending Instant Messages for Neutral Messages

6-5 Responding to a Neutral Message

6-6 Composing Goodwill Messages

6-7 Addressing Customer Comments Online


7. Persuasive Messages

7-1 Planning Persuasive Messages

7-2 Analyzing Your Audience

7-3 Writing a Short Persuasive Message

7-4 Writing a Sales Letter

7-5 Writing and Responding to Negative Customer and Public Feedback


8. Bad-News Messages

8-1 Planning the Bad-News Message

8-2 Components of Bad-News Messages

8-3 Composing Bad-News Replies

8-4 Announcing Bad News

8-5 Giving and Receiving Constructive Performance Feedback


Part 4 Report Writing

9. Planning the Report and Managing Data

9-1 Who Reads and Writes Reports

9-2 Finding Sources for Your Report

9-3 Collecting Data Through Questionnaires

9-4 Displaying Quantitative Information

9-5 Interpreting Data


10. Writing the Report

10-1 Planning the Report

10-2 Drafting the Report

10-3 Developing an Effective Writing Style

10-4 Documenting Your Sources

10-5 Designing, Formatting, and Refining the Report


Part 5 Oral and Employment Communication

11. Oral Presentation

11-1 The Role of Business Presentations

11-2 Planning the Presentation

11-3 Organizing the Presentation

11-4 Planning Team and Online Presentations

11-5 Developing Visual Support for Business Presentations

11-6 Practicing and Delivering the Presentation


12. Employment Communication

12-1 Putting Your Best Self Forward

12-2 Preparing Your Résumé

12-3 Managing Your Online Image

12-4 Writing Cover Letters and Inquiry Emails

12-5 Preparing for a Job Interview

12-6 Conducting Yourself During and After the Interview

12-7 Practicing Business Etiquette


Reference Manual

A Language Arts Basics

Lab 1: Parts of Speech

Lab 2: Punctuation—Commas

Lab 3: Punctuation—Other Marks

Lab 4: Grammar

Lab 5: Mechanics

Lab 6: Word Usage


B Formatting Business Documents

Formatting Letters and Memos

Formatting Reports

C Common Types of Reports

Periodic Reports


Policies and Procedures

Situational Reports


D Glossary


Amy Newman, Cornell University

Amy Newman specializes in business communication at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. As a senior lecturer, she teaches two required communication courses: a freshman business writing and oral communication class and an upper-level persuasive communication class. Newman also teaches a graduate-level management communication course and an elective, Corporate Communication, which focuses on communication strategy, crisis communication, and social media. Newman served an adjunct instructor at Ithaca College; Milano, The New School for Management and Urban Policy in New York City; and eCornell, where she taught classes online. She has won several awards for excellence in teaching and student advising and grants to develop technology-based learning solutions. Prior to joining Cornell, Newman spent 20 years working for large companies, such as Canon, Reuters, Scholastic, and MCI. Internally, she held senior-level management positions in human resources and leadership development. As an external consultant, she worked to improve communication and employee performance in hospitality, technology, education, publishing, financial services, and entertainment companies. A graduate of Cornell University and Milano, Newman is author of several editions of BUSINESS COMMUNICATION: IN PERSON, IN PRINT, ONLINE. She has developed several multimedia company scenarios to accompany the book, has created an interactive tool for managing speech anxiety, and maintains a blog: BizComInTheNews.com.