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Business Communication

Author(s): Mallika Nawal

ISBN: 9789353502157

Edition: 2nd

© Year : 2020

Rs. 650

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 630

Trim Size : 241 x 181 mm

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Beginning with the epochs of ancient history to the aeons of modern world, communication has been the corner-stone of success. This book, Business Communication, is an effort to take you on a transformational journey — a journey of personal and professional growth for a successful life. This book will help you identify your current level of communicational prowess it will help you become aware of your own communication style and it will equip you with communication techniques to suit various situations. From the common aspects of oral and written communication to the finer aspects of etiquette and decorum, the book is filled with everyday practical examples to help you gather conceptual understanding of communication in all its dimensions.


  • One stop shop for all things "Communication" - oral and written business communication, WAC, neuro-linguistic programming, reading your bosses, mind-maps and content structuring, conflict and crisis communication, marketing oneself and interviewing techniques, etiquette, grooming, and accessorizing
  • Simple and easy-to-understand text-the language, examples, and exercises provide you with ample opportunities to learn and practice
  • Fresh and interesting pedagogy-cases and examples from Mr. Bean, Friends, and King Louis XIV make it interesting and relatable for the Gen-Y reader
  • Contemporary approach-(a) disability etiquette, (b) email flaming: the baiter, flamer, and troll, (c) golfing proprieties, (d) tea/coffee decorum, and (e) table manners in India-"without" the table

In this latest Edition, you will learn...

  • How a simple single comma can save or cost you crores! [New chapter: Mechanics of Editing and Proofreading]
  • Why gossip never stops around a water-cooler or a coffee-maker! [New Chapter: Organizational Communication]
  • When countries behave like people and have their own unique personalities and idiosyncrasies! [New Chapter: Cross-Cultural Communication]
  • What to do when your perfume smells great on your friend but not on you! [New content: Grooming, Clothing and Accessorizing]
  • Where slander stops and libel begins! [New Chapter: Ethical and Legal Aspects of Communication]
  • This book includes a licence key for our digital learning app, CENGAGE app, that provides access to flashcards and mind maps.


Chapter 1 Introduction to Communication

Chapter 2 Communication in Action

Chapter 3 Kinesics (Body Language)

Chapter 4 Paralanguage (Voice)

Chapter 5 Listening Skills

Chapter 6 Basics of Written Communication

Chapter 7 Written Analysis of Cases

Chapter 8 Letter Writing

Chapter 9 Memos and Minutes of Meeting

Chapter 10 Resumes and Cover Letter

Chapter 11 Reports and Proposals

Chapter 12 Mechanics of Editing and Proofreading

Chapter 13 Presentation Skills

Chapter 14 E-mail Etiquette

Chapter 15 Telephone Etiquette

Chapter 16 Organizational Communication

Chapter 17 Cross-Cultural Communication

Chapter 18 Talking the Talk

Chapter 19 Interview Prowess

Chapter 20 Corporate Etiquette

Chapter 21 Grooming, Clothing and Accessorizing

Chapter 22 Ethical and Legal Aspects of Communication


Mallika Nawal

Dr. Mallika Nawal is presently an advocate, practicing civil and criminal law. Before joining the Bar, Dr. Nawal spent 12 years in academia, having taught at institutes like the Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, S.P. Jain Centre of Management, Dubai/Singapore and at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, where she conducted courses in oral business communication, written business communication, grooming and corporate etiquette. Dr. Nawal also served as Associate Editor for Vilakshan, XIMB’s bi-annual research journal and is also a prolific novelist and columnist for various national and international magazines.